Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Away with the Pink Fairies and Moody Blues

Having just blogged about baby knits which I've made quite recently I thought it was high time I blogged about two cardigans for me which I made earlier in the year.  The first (the blue one) I made during February and March and the second (the pink one) I started immediately afterwards and finished on June 1st.

I'd decided that I needed a blue cardigan and couldn't find a pattern that ticked all the boxes in my head, so made this one up.  I knew the finished length that I wanted, knitted a tension square with the wool I wanted to use (Drops Baby Merino), and then went in search of a lace pattern to use.  I have two of the Barbara Walker treasuries - they are great books although it's a shame the patterns aren't charted.  Anyway, I decided I liked the look of the Palm Leaf Lace which is in the second book, did some sums and away I went with the knitting.

I used the pattern on the left

This cardigan featured in one of my me-made-May outfits here and has been really useful. 

The second cardigan also featured during me-made-May as a wip which I was intending to finish during May - was only a day late!  This came about because I decided I wanted a pink cardigan and found the perfect yarn on Fyberspates' stand at Unravel in February this year.  Having now got a formula for knitting cardigans for me out of 4 ply wool, I did the same with this one as with the blue one - I went off in search of a lace insert and  I found the one I wanted to use when I was leafing through my vintage knitting patterns. 

Shell pink cardigan and flamingolex dress

The knitting was pretty straightforward and I really like the finished article and have worn it a fair bit since it goes with quite a few of my me-made dresses (and rtw ones as well actually).

Just writing this post has given me itchy fingers to start knitting another cardigan for me so I'm off now to get out my swift and winder and find a pattern. :-)

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