Thursday, 18 September 2014

Paper Roses at Kew Gardens

I've just had a fabulous day out at Kew Gardens - the weather was beautiful, proper summer heat and sunshine and the place was blissfully uncrowded.  I discovered parts of the garden which I've never seen before - and I've visited on and off since childhood.  I must have walked miles!

More about Kew in a bit, first the Paper Roses part.  I wore a Cambie dress which I made this summer - my second.  I bought the fabric, a Liberty Tana lawn called Paper Roses, from Fabrics Galore at the Stitching Show at Olympia in March this year.  I went to the show with my sister and we had a thoroughly enjoyable time there.  This is the first time I've sewn with Tana lawn (I think, I don't remember sewing with it when I was younger, although I do remember my mother making us dresses from it when we were little) and I'm smitten.  It is a delight to sew with and a delight to wear.  There will be more in my sewing future!

Paper Roses A-line Cambie
I made the A-line skirt version and it took about 1.5 metres of fabric, so pretty economical.  I cut a size smaller than the first one I made last year, which didn't fit particularly well and which I have since unpicked to recut and resew.  I also moved the shoulder straps in by half an inch towards the centre front.

I love the fact that the fabric has scissors in with the roses - makes me smile!

Liberty Tana lawn Paper Roses (and scissors)
And now back to Kew...

This is outside the Princess of Wales glasshouse - yes cacti outside in September.

Outside the Princess of Wales glasshouse

Inside the palm house - I made the mistake of walking up the spiral stairs to the walkway which goes around the top of the glasshouse - won't do that again unless it's winter, it was really hot up there!

Inside the palm house
One of ten statues outside the palm house - this is the Unicorn of Scotland and photographing this particular one seemed apt since today the people of Scotland are voting on independence.

The Unicorn of Scotland
The waterlily house

The waterlily house
And a particularly beautiful waterlily

Then there were roses,

Rosa Lady of Shalott

and orchids,

carnivorous plants
Maybe a sarracenia, the label was hidden
and a traditional Japanese house (a minka) which has been there since 2001 and which I'd never seen before.


And finally the parterre behind Kew Palace.

Parterre behind Kew Palace

All in all it was a wonderful day.

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