Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Like London buses, three came along at once

During the summer I made three Cambie dresses one after the other.  One I've already blogged about here, and then I made two more in quick succession.

The first of these I made from some lawn which I got as a 3m coupon from Classic Textiles on the Goldhawk Road earlier this year.  My sister tells me that it's "very Antoine et Lili", and since she pointed that out, I kind of agree.  (Antoine et Lili have several shops in Paris and elsewhere in France - I love their aesthetic).

This didn't take long to make - I decided since the skirt was gathered and had quite a lot of fabric in it I wouldn't bother to line it - and I'd made it before so it came together pretty quickly.  However, once it was finished and I tried it on in front of a mirror on a sunny day I decided that actually, the skirt definitely needed lining because it was practically see through.  So I cut an A-line skirt lining and sewed it in.  I really like this fabric / pattern combo and am very pleased with how it's turned out.

Antoine et Lili vibe Cambie
The third Cambie from this summer I made with some fabric which I bought in Decorative Cloth in Leamington Spa last summer.  I love this fabric, it's so summery.  Not much more to say about making up this pattern, except that I didn't line this skirt either - and this one has stayed unlined because the fabric is thick enough not to need it.

Beachhuts Cambie
I really like all three of this summer's Cambies, and having unpicked the yellow one I made last year I had intended to recut and resew it straight away, but actually... it's joined my growing alterations pile because after making three in quick succession I fancied sewing something else instead.

And now autumn is approaching and my thoughts are turning to knitting so it probably won't get put back together until next spring now.  I still have five dresses which are cut out and waiting to be sewn up (although in fact one is nearly done and just needs hemming), so perhaps I should get those done first, especially since one of them I cut out last year, and another one in January.  But the siren call of wool, and knitting, is getting louder...

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