Sunday, 22 June 2014

Daisy Emery the second

I bought this fabric a couple of weeks ago in Fabricland and I just love it, it's so summery!  I decided it would become an Emery in time to wear to the Christine Haynes event at Raystitch and got it finished at half past midnight on the Friday morning.  I did have to go to work that day, but nipped home at lunchtime to get changed so that I could get straight on the train after work.  It was a lovely event, fab food and cocktails, and great people.

Daisy Emery the second
 When I've been to Raystitch in the past I've failed to notice that they have a lovely little garden at the back of the shop - an oasis of tranquility and a great place for a get together since the sun was shining.  I really enjoyed the evening and it was especially good to meet sew-ers (have to put the hyphen in there otherwise my mind sees it as something else) whose blogs I read, and new ones whose blogs I've added to my reading list - although this is still in my head, not listed here.  There were some great dresses being worn, and I really enjoyed the short time I was there.  The fact I'd had a late night, been at work all day and then enjoyed alcohol in the sun meant that I was beginning to flag before the end of the 'do' and so didn't stay until the end, but it was a lovely end to the week.

I was very tempted by several of the fabrics at Raystitch, especially some of the Japanese ones - gorgeous colours and designs, but in the end I just bought a couple of pin cushions which I was really pleased to find.  I've been after a larger pin cushion for a while now and just haven't come across one, so when I saw these I decided to buy two!  They are fab - surrounded by little smiling people.

Happy, smiling pin cushions
 I've also decided to give this blog a bit of a summer makeover - I haven't made it to Paris yet this year and so to ward off possible withdrawal symptoms will be making up some of the Paris-themed fabric in my stash very soon.  But right now, I have a polka dot dress to finish and a fruit print dress to cut out so I shall say ttfn.

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